General Info

How do I join the club?

Either fill in our contact form or email us and we’ll get in touch to explain how you can join.

How can I help the club?

If you want to help the club, we have a variety of ways you can do it! From poolside help, judging, coaching courses or admin and supporting tasks. If you feel you can help, please contact Cindy Cape at cindyacape@aol.com.

Do I need to swim competitively to be a part of ESC?

No, ESC is an inclusive club, and all swimmers are welcome whether they want to swim competitively or just want to keep fit!

When will my child move up to the next swimming group?

The lead coach for your child’s squad is the best person to ask. Each squad has a set of criteria, and children aren’t moved into the next squad until they’re ready. The criteria are currently being tweaked and will be published on the squads page when they’re finished.

What are time trials?

Time trials are regular sessions where swimmers are timed over a specific distance (the distance is different for each squad). As a rough rule of thumb, the less experienced squads are timed over a shorter distance, the more experienced swimmers are timed over a longer distance. The times are recorded on swim club manager and are used when assessing the swimmer’s ability for competitions and squad moves.

When will my child learn how to do a competitive start?

We are aiming to run competitive sessions on a quarterly basis. Swimmers will be selected from squat diving, through jumping off the blocks and up to a full competitive start. They are assessed at both ends of the pool to ensure safety at all depths. There are no timescales on how long the course takes, and there is no cost to the swimmer. We’ll assess each child’s ability to do a competitive start on their own progression.

What equipment does my child need?


A popular question due to children worrying about goggles coming off when diving. I personally wear Speedo Futura BioFuse goggles and would certainly recommend them for the ‘flexiseal’ around the eyes.

Here is a link to an Ebay seller for junior versions of the goggles.


Club swimming hats can be ordered online from Birdseye Sports. If you would like a personalised swimming hat we are now taking orders for them. Please reply (to me) or speak to Cindy Cape, stating the quantity you require and the name you wish to be printed on the hat. Please ensure that there are no errors as we can not change them once they have been printed! Cindy will also try and place an order form on the notice board to assist with orders. The cost per hat is £7.50 and payment must be made into the club account by BACS or via cheque. Please place all cheques into the club post box at the leisure centre, made payable to ‘Evesham Swimming Club’.

Fins, Kick Boards and Pull Buoys

These are essential pieces of equipment for all training sessions. It has become a bit of a common theme that swimmers borrow a kick float and/or pull buoy and we do have fins that can also be used. I would suggest that swimmers do seek their own equipment where possible, particularly fins. In terms of kick boards and pull buoys it may be something that we introduce soon – ensuring swimmers have their own equipment and only use the clubs in an emergency! This will be discussed soon at a coaches meeting but, from observations, borrowing equipment from the club can cause significant delays during a session. All equipment can be purchased from Birsdeye Sports and we may be able to get these items added to our Club Shop.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are essential to have at all events and training sessions. We do not have any official ESC water bottles nor are any listed in our Club Shop. Any bottles are absolutely fine as long as each swimmers has a water bottle at every session/event.

T-Shirts / Hoodies / Bags

Again, these items can be purchased from Birdseye Sports via our Club Shop.

Swimming Costumes

Although there are swimming costumes on our Club Shop it is not essential that swimmers have an ESC costume. We are very happy for swimmers to source their own preferred style of costume. At most meets there are opportunities to purchase such items in the event shop.


What is a PGL gala? 

PGL is an exciting swim tournament where the children are selected to swim in 1 individual race 25m (1 length) for under 12 year olds, 50m (2 lengths) for the older children. Children are often picked to swim in a relay with their mates too – it’s totally a team event! Points are allocated to each swimmer (or relay team) based on their position in the race. The higher the placing, the more points they get.

There are 4 rounds in total, and if we score enough points, we hopefully make the finals!

What is a speeding ticket?

In PGL galas, every race has a time limit on it. If the swimmer records a time that is faster than the time limit, they are disqualified! It sounds strange, but this prevents events being won by the massive city clubs and gives us smaller clubs a fighting chance! Don’t be scared to swim too fast – you’re unlikely to get a speeding ticket, but if you do, it just means you’re too good for PGL!

What are summer/winter champs and how do I enter?

Summer and Winter championships are both intra-club competitions – swimmers within ESC compete against each other to get used to a competitive environment. The summer champs are focussed on shorter distances and all times are recorded on swim club manager. Winter champs are focussed on longer distances and tend to be for older/more experienced swimmers.

Entry forms are sent out via email, with full details on the events, the rules and how to enter.

What are open meets, and should I enter them?

An open meet is a competition where a swimmer can swim on their own behalf, rather than as part of a team/club. Any swimmer can enter, provided their time falls within the time bracket specified by the host club. If the swimmer has a particularly strong stroke, they can compete against children of their own age from clubs all around the region and gain a county level time.


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